The Datsun
Roadster Book™

Summary of the 3rd edition of The Datsun Roadster Book

  • The Datsun Roadster Book is a THREE Part publication.
  • It is soft-bound and professionally printed.
  • It's nearly 6-pounds of books and over 880 pages!
  • It includes historical road tests and racing articles - many not seen in the US.
  • It has nearly 50 pages of translations and pictures from Fairlady I and II.
  • It has historic Datsun Competition Bulletins including one of the very FIRST
    Datsun competition catalogs from 1970.
  • All three parts now have COLOR illustrations - over 140 of them.
  •  We've included 3 classic Datsun Service Bulletins for more information on
    what makes your car tick.
  •  We've included pictures of our restored 1968 2000 to boast a little.

All three parts will cost $130.88 for delivery to US addresses (Canada and
overseas are extra) USPS Media Mail with USPS tracking (in the US) or Priority
Mail International (overseas) shipping is included in the price.  See the "
Now" page for more information.
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The Datsun Roadster Book is now available on Amazon
Kindle.  Each volume is presented as a separate book so
you can get the one(s) you need.
As of this message we only have 1 set of The Datsun
Roadster Book remaining.  We have no plans to reprint
so 2018 w
ill be the last year.
Due to a large number of lost items we can no longer ship to Australia.  
Australia Post is not very cooperative and all of our lost items were
rejected for insurance replacement. If you know someone in the US we
can ship to them and they can deal with Australia Post. Sorry.