Pam and I are "baby boomers", children of a by-gone time known in some history classes as "The Viet Nam
Era" and we have been shaped by many of the events of the tumultuous 1960's and 70's.  You may know who
we are....

We watched John F. Kennedy's motorcade that fateful day in Dallas in 1963 and then watched Lee Harvey Oswald shot live
on B&W TV.

We lived through the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy.  

We didn't know what Woodstock was but we bought the album when it was "new" and on a round piece of black vinyl called
a "record".

There was no internet, no cell phones - heck, a lot of people had party lines for their phones.  If that's not a familiar term,
check Wikipedia and then ask yourself if YOU could live with a phone like that.

We watched the first space shots, which at first did not even orbit the earth, on TV at our grade school and a few short
years later sat mesmerized as Neil Armstrong climbed down the ladder, live on B&W TV, and stood on the surface of the

We watched a President resign in 1973 and lived through the revelry that was the bi-centennial of the nation in 1976.  

We watched gasoline prices soar from 30-cents a gallon to over 50-cents a gallon and waited in lines to buy it before the
odd-even system was put in place.  We thought 50-cents was highway robbery.

We watched friends go off to war in Viet Nam and listened to the body counts every night on the news.

We registered for the military draft and watched intently as the "draft lottery" was held to see where our birthdays fell on
the selection list of the Selective Service (I was number 83 in my "winning" year - they drafted up to 71).  

There was no HIV, no ADD, and no name for Alzheimer's.  Herpes was the worst "social curse" you could contract.

All these reminisces are now only a chapter in history books, re-run videos on The History Channel, or fading
memories of the people like us who lived through that time.

We lived through that time, didn't have a care in the world (well, we had a few), and it was wonderful.

Over the years, Pam and I have come to believe that we owe something to the people who have made our way
of life possible.  To remember the people who are the reason you have the opportunity to look at this web
page, to like (or dislike) it, and can continue reading OR email us with comments expressing your like or dislike
of these words.

The galvanizing moment for me occurred at the end of July 2010 when I had the privilege of flying on the same
Frontier Airlines flight into Phoenix with two veterans of the USS Indianapolis.  If you ever saw the movie "JAWS"
you might recall Quint telling the tale of him being a crew-member on the Indianapolis which was sunk in the
waning days of WWII.  "Lost" in the paperwork of the Navy, 1196 men went down with the ship and only 315
survived exposure, dehydration, and shark attacks to come out of the water 4 days later.  

The men on my plane were two of those 315 men returning home from their annual reunion in Indianapolis.

Of the approximately 16-million Americans who served to preserve our freedoms in World War II, less than
900,000 are still alive and we are losing them at a rate of about nearly 500 a week.

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Some sites or videos we have found interesting are included below.  We appreciate your visit and hope, if
you decide to proceed, you find something to consider or look into further.  Thanks.

Scott and Pam Sheeler
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The Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour
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If you want to see WWII aircraft in person and crawl inside and around the machines that
carried thousands of young men to war, visit one of these organizations as they travel
around the country.  If you've never heard the sound of 4 radial aircraft engines you never
forget once you do.
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"The Greatest Generation" is a term coined by journalist Tom Brokaw to describe the
generation who grew up in the United States during the deprivation of the Great Depression,
and then went on to fight in World War II, as well as those whose productivity within the war's
home front made a decisive material contribution to the war effort, for which the generation
is also termed the G.I. Generation.
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you'll know who this is. "Hang tough"!