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This page is a collection of links, videos, pictures, etc of Datsun
roadsters.  Hope you find something interesting.
Roadster-Specific Video Clips / YouTube Links
If you never saw one up close and personal, this is
what it looked like.....
Lots of nice cars from our friends "down under".  
Thanks to David Jones, Vice President, Nissan
Datsun Sports Owners Club
A shame it was raining, but there are 49 roadsters
and 3 Sylvias in the video clip
The music is nice but the car is nicer.....
Adam and Les talk about a 2000 factory lightweight
Really nice R16 in a Sylvia
A little racing action from down under....
Would like to see more of this one....
A nice Japanese SR311 video
Multi roadster highway run
A nice road trip from "down under"
Netherlands Roadster Club

Here's a group of roadster Owners overseas that can get 20 running cars to a meet.  See the
photos below for their meets in 2009 and 2010.  And we think 50 at Mt. Shasta is a big deal!

Thanks to Roger van Loop for the pictures and the link we have on the "Only Roadsters" page.
20 roadsters show up for a meet in
the Netherlands in April 2009
12 roadsters show up for a meet in
the Netherlands in April 2010
While waiting for the train to pass,
windshield according to the dash-top mirror and center windshield
support bar. Also, interesting hub caps.
"How nice of you to put the pictures, from Roger Loop, from our Annual meeting, started in 2009, on your
are a lot projects or not registered yet, about 28 cars.  If you want more pictures, you can ask anytime."

36 + 28 = 64 roadsters in the Netherlands!!!