There are a number of roadster resources out there that you may, or may
not, know about.  If you're new to the marque, some of the more prominent
sites are provided here for your use.

We will try to keep it up-to-date and maintain accurate links.  If you find a
link broken, please let us know at                                                 Dean Apostal’s parts store                     818.363.2015
Rallye Enterprises                                               Rallye Enterprises                                   360.893.4200                                                           Greg Valazza’s roadster website                                                          Rob Beddington’s INTENSE roadster website                                                               Steve Allen’s website – visit and explore for days!
The Datsun Sports Roadster Club of Victoria  For a roadster club “down under”
The Japanese SR Owner's Club                        The Japanese SR Owner’s Club       

Datsun Sports                                                      Mike Young's Datsun Sports

Some other useful sites:
POR 15                                                                  Por-15 Fuel tank repair kit                       800.726.0459
Moss Motors                                                       Moss Motors                                              800.667.7872
Robbins Auto Tops                                             Robbins Auto Tops                                    805.604.3200
Covercraft                                                           Covercraft car covers                               405.238.9651

Some Roadster Clubs

NISSAN DATSUN Sports Owners Club (AUS)                                   NDSOC

If you need your original radio repaired...                                       
Tubes and Transistors

The Datsun Roadster “List”
If you're not on the, instructions on how to get on are below.  It's a super way to get help,
offer advice and enjoy other roadster owners.

Start by sending an email "To:" "".  This is an automated email address
associated with the list.  Leave the subject blank and type “subscribe datsun-roadsters” as the first and
only line in the email.  Then send that email. You will then get a response in a few minutes that you must
reply to.  Read the email and reply as instructed.  From that point on you're on the list and will receive any
emails sent by other Roadster owners to the roadster list.

To send an email to the roadster list and all subscribed roadster owners, in the To Address: place the
address below:      
Other Resources
Roadster Book™