There are a lot of curious, interesting, and / or funny things out on the internet
and we've assembled some of them here.  We don't purport that any of  these
are constructive or educational - merely some level of entertainment.

We avoid items that make a political statement so as not to take sides in any
particular debate.  This page will evolve over time so please feel free to stop
back again in the future

We hope you find some of these interesting and possibly entertaining.
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Ride along with some drivers as they attack the old
hillclimbs we ran "back in the day".
Time of the run - 2 min 4.9 sec
See if you can identify all the different cars...........
Time of the run - 2 min 8 sec
They call it a TVR.....
Duryea Hillclimb - Reading, PA
Pagoda Hillclimb - Reading, PA
Time of the run - 1 min 1 sec
Weatherly Hillclimb - Weatherly, PA
Time of the run - 57 sec
It's more fun going up - but pretty steep either way!
Rose Valley Hillclimb - Trout Run, PA
This MR2 seems to get around!
Run time of 42 sec
Giant's Despair Hillclimb - Wilkes Barre, PA
The Giant is a horsepower hill - not many turns
Leno is hilarious........but the people on
the street even more so!
Other Miscellaneous stuff to pass the time....
Other Things to Pass the Time
The Datsun
Roadster Book™
The 1968 Hillclimb Season - from 8mm movie film (thanks for the tip, Len!)
Watch the speedo hit 170 near the end...l!
If you like exotic engine sounds - Ferrari -
this is a video to see!
Hold on to your .... Well, some of them had "hats"!
Highly skilled driving (drifting).  Pretty hard
on tires as you will see.......
Everybody needs a Trunk Monkey from
Suburban Auto Group!
It keeps on getting better......
How did they arrange this???..............
Watch for the close calls with the cyclists!
A REALLY good copter pilot!!
Jeff Gordon goes undercover to take an
unsuspecting car salesman on a wild ride!!!
early 1960's Cold War era.