All roadsters are at least 40-years old in 2010.  In those 40 years very few glove-box owner's manuals have
survived.  Back in the late 80's our former parts company published some reproduction owner's manuals on tan
paper that sold reasonably well.  In fact, they continue to surface on eBay and prices ranging from $24 - $28.  We
thought there could be a better way to provide owner's manuals and at lower price.

This page introduces our group of reproduction owner's manuals.  We've taken the good scans from The Datsun
Roadster Book and added a nice front cover - a nice
COLOR front cover.  Everything else is B&W including the
back cover.  We're able to price them so anyone can put one in their glovebox.  They look good and are full of
useful information.

We've reproduced all years - even 1970. Remember - these are
reproductions made from very good copies -
THEY ARE NOT FACTORY ORIGINALS.  All in all though, they make a nice addition to your glovebox if you want to
keep some of the basics about operating and maintaining the car close at hand when driving.

We would like to thank Greg Valazza for allowing us to use his clean 1968 cover and also Mike Young (arranged
by our friend Stan) for the nice 1966-67 cover he loaned us back in 2005.

We hope you find these a nice addition to your car.

The 1970 books were done in a very small quantity (thus a higher price) since there were not that many cars sold.
Here are some photos of the actual manual covers.
1966 - 67 1600
1967 1/2 1600 and 2000
1968 1600 and 2000
1969 1600 and 2000
1970 1600 and 2000
Some scans of the inside pages follow.  These
are actual scans of the books and are not edited.
A sample of 1966-67
A sample of 1967 1/2
A sample of 1968
A sample of 1969
A sample of 1970
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