Part I - The Parts Book
In the "old days" when we had the parts business it was beneficial to get parts information into the
hands of our customers.  That's where all this information started - as a tool to increase parts sales.  
Well, we haven't been in the parts business for nearly 25 years so we thought we'd modify the format a
bit, do some research and give you the parts information with the NISSAN part numbers to help you
get the part described (assuming it's available).

For any of you who have spent much time in the original NISSAN parts book you know that the part
numbers associated with the item numbers on the exploded diagrams were often wrong.  Our listings
have corrected this situation as well as identifying the numbers that NISSAN no longer has in their
system - items shown as "NL" as of January 2006.

Many items ARE still available so if you have the correct part numbers you may be able get them from
any NISSAN dealer willing to place the order.  At a minimum they can run the number through their
computer and see if it's in inventory somewhere.  Your biggest disappointment now will not be getting
the wrong part but not being able to get the part at all.  Unfortunately, we can't help with the latter.  At
that point you'll have to consult one of the many parts vendors, all of whom are listed in our books.

In addition we've added a number of other features to make the book interesting and not just a parts
Please note that all pages are scans of the actual book.  The scanner is good but
the actual books are better.  Remember, if you're not satisfied you can return
them in new condition in 14 days  for a complete refund.
Summary of Part I – “The Parts Book”

Pages                                                        327 (was 336 before font change)
Words                                                        121,944 (was 119,530)
Paragraphs                                               4,471 (was 4,430)
Illustrations, photos, and ads                 93 (was 62)
Color illustrations, photos, and ads       64 (was 0)
Sections in the parts manual                  47 with 7 subsections (no change)
Exploded parts diagrams                        46 (no change)
Part listings                                               2672 (no change)
Service interval recommendations       128 (was 127)
Remember When!                                    11 (no change)
Miscellaneous tech tips                           24 (was 20)
Intro page of Part I
The Table of Contents covers a large number of parts.
The Table of Contents covers a LARGE number of parts.
The key to identifying the parts is the exploded diagram.  We have over 45!
Along with the exploded diagram is the parts listing.  The "NL" notation means the item
is no longer listed in NISSAN's US parts inventory system.  It still may be available from
one of the independent vendors like, Sports Imports or Rallye.
A feature never provided before (except by us)  is an explanation of how the systems
work.  We also include "Pro's and Con's" of the systems for your information.  This
helps tell you why stuff happens and how to avoid problems with your car(s).
For those of you who we not around in the 1970's we include some vintage parts invoices so
you can see these items once were available - and not for a small fortune like today!
We also include some Key Service Intervals for your maintenance planning.  In fact we provide over 125 of them.
Another example of an exploded parts diagram.
Another example of a discussion of how the systems work.
We have included a number of vintage Datsun roadster advertisements
dating back to the S211.
We include a complete copy of the 1971 Collision Estimating Sheet.  It not
only has a lot of part number information, it also has some shocking prices.
Check those prices!!
We also have a reprint of the 1970 Datsun Competition Parts Catalog
before all the parts were even Datsun!
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