Part II - The Service Manual

One of the things that had been sorely lacking since the day the first roadster arrived on these shores
was a good service manual that described day-to-day maintenance and service tasks in English - oh
yeah, and made sense!  All the manuals of the period were copies of the original NISSAN publications that
were translated in the early and mid-60's.  Coming before the time of "Americanization" of the staff, the
documents were pretty atrocious if you just wanted to adjust the valves, set the timing, replace brakes, or
something like that.  Of course, they did spend several pages describing how to set the clearances on the
differential gears - if you were in the mood to rebuild your differential!

In 1986 we began writing the service manual information to include with our parts catalog.  We tried to
cover the major things like engine and gearbox rebuilds figuring that most people could find someone
who could set the valves or change the oil.  Since the original version in 1986 we have expanded the
service manual and added additional topics.  Someone could expand this and add to it, but this is a pretty
good start - certainly better than anyone else has attempted.
Summary of Part II – “The Service Manual”

Pages                                                        342 (previously 342 but font change saved 14)
Words                                                        61,240 (was 59,800)
Paragraphs                                               1,699 (was 1,690)
Technical specs, etc                               5 pages (no change)
Wiring diagrams                                      6 pages (no change
Service and repair sections                   80 pages – 21 sections (no change)
Owner’s manual reprints                        5 (all years)
Illustrations, photos, and ad                   122 (was 71)
Color illustrations                                    78 (was 0)
Vintage magazine article                        11 (no change)
Vintage Datsun Competition bulletins  10 (was 5)
Vintage Datsun Competition catalogs   3 (was 1)
Intro page of Part II, the Technical and Service Manual
Part II Table of Contents.
The second page of the Table of Contents.
We were the first to introduce the "What Am I Driving" summaries in 1987.
We drew from over a dozen publications to assemble the most
comprehensive set of technical specifications and torque wrench values
ever published and include Metric conversions for most of them.
We have wiring diagrams for all years.  The scan does not show the detail
that's in the book.
This is an example of the detail we go into in the service portion of the
It's impossible to cover every tiny little step but we get the important ones.
Step by step by step...............
We also cover more mundane, simple tasks like brake cylinders.
Having put a GM alternator in our R20 project car we thought it would be
good to include that information.
We include every page of each Owner's Manual from 1966 to 1970.  
Correction, we didn't include the
blank pages!
Good information if you've never seen an Owner's Manual.
More of the same..........
We intersperse the pages and small spots that would otherwise be blank with classic photos, ads,
and articles.  We are fortunate to have permission to reprint several items from the and collections.
We include a lot of vintage Datsun advertising brochures, some from our
own collection.  Sorry they're not ALL in color, but you can see them and
MUCH more on the and websites.
We have a number of road tests from the 60's when the cars were new.  Read what
the experts thought 40 years ago and see how it compares to YOUR experience!
We also reprint a number of Datsun Competition technical bulletins -
some that may still provide valuable tips.
We have a complete reprint of the 1970 BRE Competition Parts Catalog
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