As we prepared the 3rd edition of The Datsun Roadster Book there were
decision points on what to include and what to leave in the files.  On this
page we will show you some of the things that just didn't make the cut and
get included in the books.

Maybe someday someone will do a Part IV...
Stuff That Didn't Make it
Into the Books...
The Datsun
Roadster Book™

We've seen this picture before but never in conjunction with the Champion ad.

THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT - merely an example of how widely traveled The Datsun Roadster Book really is...

Photo from a Japanese meet back in 2006.  The Japanese roadster owners meet often, take lots of photos, and really enjoy their roadsters.

A full-size copy of the photo of our two cars at the 1988 Road Atlanta Walter Mitty car show.

Reprint of a classic tech tips list from the 1980's.  I think this came from The Datsun Roadster News put out by Ross Mullen
December 15, 2013

A long-time friend, former garage-mate, and best man at our weeding, Len Hess sent us
these photos of our roadster racing days as he was scanning his slide collection.  Len
aways used a Nikon which resulted in great photos.  Len is still active to this day in sports
car racing as a technical / engineering adviser / pit crew.  

Thanks for memories, Lennie!
Leaving the starting line at the Duryea Hillclimb 1974.  The guy in
the driver's suit is Alex Miller, long-time NEDIV SCCA racer.
On the hill at Duryea in Reading, PA 1974.  I can still hear the
exhaust note....
A bit farther up the hill at Duryea the 1600 is winding out to 7000 in 5th and the car is quickly approaching
105 MPH.  Right before this event we redid the head with the Datsun Comp Racer Brown camshaft,
oversize valves, aluminum push rods and retainers.  It ran great and I think we finished 3rd.
In the pits at Duryea 1974 - just above Reading, PA's central park.
We were members of the Duryea Sports Car Club and we held several auto-cross events each year.  This
one was in Kutztown, PA at a college parking lot.
Another view from the Kutztown auto-cross
Hillclimb a few days earlier.  We had to get the head redone and the 5-speed repaired in time for Duryea in early June
1974.  Some pictures from that event are above.  Boy, was I skinny back then.....