Part III - The Translations Manual

When we released The Datsun Roadster Book back in 2006 we included a small translated section of the
original NEKO Fairlady books.  We received so many positive comments that we decided that Part III would
have to be built around additional translations.  Well, our translator from Part I had returned to Japan so we
were left without a friend nearby that could translate Japanese.  What to do?  In lieu of a live person we
discovered a software package that could provide a translation to English that, even though far from
perfect, gave us a starting point to translate a bunch more information.  We made the financial
commitment, purchased the software, and Part III includes 44 more pages of pictures and translations from
the 1977 version of Fairlady I and II.

As we made our way through the translation process we learned the following interesting words:

thorexes = solexes
oil air conditioner = oil cooler
fair ready = fair lady
load star = roadster
karbureta = carburetor
eguzosuto = exhaust
kavua = cover
hob shiyahu = Bob Sharp
Fairlady I & II pages                                
Illustrations, photos, and ads                 
Color illustrations                                    
Vintage magazine articles                     
The intro page of Part III, the Translations and Service Manual
Part III Table of Contents.
We translate all Classic Fairlady sections of Fairlady I including the Sylvia.
We translate the entire 1968 Monte Rally section and include all of the photographs.
One of the 44 pages translations and pictures from the Fairlady books.
Some of the translations relate the personal stories of the car owners in Japan.
We include three 1960's Datsun Service Bulletins - introduction of the 1967 1/2 cars, introduction
of the 1968 cars, and the introduction of the recirculating steering box
The bulletins were used to introduce new models or new systems to the service departments back in the day.
Something you will see as you read these bulletins is the 1960's Japanese translations
that have gained such notoriety in the years since.
...even the vinyl chloride canvas top...
We've included a 1968 owner's warranty manual.
We've found a number of additional road tests - some of them from foreign
(relative to the US) publications.
A number of the magazines had reports on the Datsun racing efforts of the day!  
Most of these have not been published in the U.S. previously.
We found an interesting story about an SCCA race at Bridgehampton, CT that included this
photo of Bob Sharp taking the start.  How about the roll bar height on the Group 44 TR?!?
Another article about Brock Racing Enterprises - BRE
We also found a few rare and unusual Datsun Competition Bulletins that we had not seen before.
We are also including some full-color pages from the Z File Japanese magazine.  In October 2007 they ran a multi-page
history recap of the roadster part of Fairlady history.  Here is a sample of one of the 19 pages we've included.
We end The Datsun Roadster Book where we started back in 1973 - hillclimbing in Pennsylvania with a 1600.
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Japanese sentence structure is very different from what we in the USA are used to.  Many of the Japanese
meanings required consultation with a thesaurus to figure out exactly what they meant.   It took about 8 hours per
page to translate the text; sometimes we'd get half the paragraph done and then have to move on and fall back
later.  Sometimes one translation result helped with another.  In the end we believe we've gotten it pretty close to
the intended thought.  In any event, it's our interpretation, although not completely "Americanized".

In addition, we added some more road tests - many from foreign magazines - some more brochures, three 1960's
vintage Datsun Service Bulletins, and a 20-page color spread from the from October 2007 "Z File - Fairlady and
Fairlady Z History".  We got permission to publish these pages courtesy of our "roadster friend in Japan" and
D.R.F.C. member, Takeshi Izuka.  Takeshi, by the way, is the proud owner of an "imported" LHD 1969 2000 that he
has maintained in showroom condition.

Thank you again, Takeshi!

By the way, if you're wondering why the page numbers of the Fairlady Z History reprint are running backwards
that's because we reprinted it exactly the way it was in the magazine.
We show you 18 pages of the
book to try an give you a sample
of what's in store.
Summary of Part III – “The
Translations Manual
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