Everyone likes to hear a positive review of their effort and, just like the previous two editions, we've been
hearing from people who have received their books and owner's manuals.

For those of you who have not heard of us or our publications you may be cautious about the investment
or if the books or manuals will be of any value to you.  For that reason we are providing this page of
comments we've received from customers of the Datsun Roadster Book and our reprint Owner's
manuals.  All of the previous comments about the previous edition have been deleted except for the very
last one we received - we just had to keep that one!

Please read on and if you still have questions, feel free to email us at s_sheeler@hotmail.com.

We're proud to have international customers in Canada, the UK, Australia and Tasmania, France,
Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico,
Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan and we thank them for their comments.

Hopefully there will be more positive comments in the future to add to this page. Maybe yours........?

Comments About the Datsun Roadster Book

"Scott,  Please accept my sincere thanks for producing your three volume Datsun roadster books. After seven long years my 1966 roadster is now on the road. This would
not have been possible without your books. I used these manuals extensively during the restoration of my 1600 and without these books I do not think I could have brought
the car to its present state of road—ready.  Thank you.  The extent of items that needed to be rebuilt ended up being rather all encompassing. Your manuals were in
constant use guiding me through the rebuild. I also had a copy of the Datsun factory manual that I rarely used, yours were so much more complete and usable.
Your books are directly responsible for a very beat up roadster making it back on the road. Thank you. Please feel free to tip a congratulatory beer (or two) for your

"Thank you.  These will help my Dottie's restoration immensely."

"Scott,  I got the books today. Thanks again, having all of this information in one place should prove invaluable when rebuilding my roadster."

"Thank you, you guys come highly rated here in Seattle area."

"Thank you for sending out The Datsun Roadster Book to me. I am looking forward to learning about these cars. This is my Father-in-laws car that has an S20 motor swap
that was done by somebody else. It took over 10 years for the guy to do the swap and now my I have been given me the task of finishing it up. The first thing I am trying to
figure out is the year model of the car. He told me it is a 67 model but then he told me the car had drum brakes on the front when he got it and he put brakes off of a 2000 on
it. The info plate on the body is missing but I did find the number on the frame: SPL310-10573. Would I be able to find the year model of the car with that number? I am sure
you are busy and hate to bother you with these questions but I really want to get this car going for him so he can enjoy it soon, since he has waited over 10 years just for
the motor and transmission swap. Thank you in advance for any information you decide to give me." (we did correspond over the car he had)

From Germany - "Hello Pam & Scott, thanks a lot for this nice and useful books. There arrive in Germany and we fetch them from the tax office.  
They are great and we are happy to read them. Best wishes"

"Hi Scott and Pam,  Looking forward to seeing the books. I recently purchased a 1970 1600. They are the coolest cars and I'm happy there are Datsun lovers that put out
material like you have for the car. Thanks again.

From Japan - "to Scott and Pam Sheeler;  I'm sorry in poor English.  Three books arrived today!  I am satisfied very much."

"Dear Scott, Package received. Wow, a lot to go through, thanks."

"Thanks Scott and Pam.  I have been working on British Sports cars for over 30 years and I’m about to help a friend out with a Datsun Fairlady. He has owned the car for
twenty plus years and in has been in a garage for quite a while with not very professional repairs. So this book will be of great use to me in making things correct. Thanks
for the information/emails on shipping, etc."

From Christmas 2014 - "Hello,  My name is XX. I have read your website on the your Datsun Roadster Manuals - 3 parts.  I have a son-in-law who recently purchased a
Datsun Roadster 2000 in project car condition for restoration. I would greatly like to purchase your 3 part Manuals for my son-in-law as a Christmas gift.
  My problem is
that I am just today, Dec. 15, deciding to order your book(s). My understanding is that they will be sent USPS, Media Mail with possible 6-10 day delivery. My experience
with Media Mail is it could definitely take longer than 6-10 days and with Christmas, USPS could definitely take longer. Also, even it took only 10 days, that would be Dec. 25
and no USPS delivery that day.  I wish to have a way to pay you for expedited mailing. I am flexible to make this work. My main goal is to be sure these manuals arrive in
time for Christmas.  I am hoping that you will contact me today at your earliest convenience to make some arrangement towards my goal. Please contact me.  Thank you
very much! I am hopeful to find a way to make certain I receive the manuals in time for Christmas."  
They DID arrive by Christmas!

He asked some questions about his car - "Thank you Scott, your insight is very much appreciated.  Also, thank you for putting together the three volume roadster
books/manuals.  If this restoration ends up at all successful it will be due in a large part to those books.  I reference them constantly, even more than the factory manual."

And we contacted her - "My wife will be calling you to work out the details.  We'll figure out a way to make this work. Thanks for the inquiry."

And from a friend who already had a set -  "Hey, Scott. Hope all is well. Time for a new set. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your effort on these books."

"Wow! Thank you so very much! You have made me so happy I could cry! He is a great son-in-law and he is excited about his project. I think your manuals will be a
wonderful gift. Your wife can call me anytime."

Scott- Got it! Great stuff. Thanks for compiling it.

And we made it work -  " I just saw the email from Pam noting the books are in transit."

"Thank you very much to you and your wife for your help! Merry Christmas!"

Hello there Scott and Pam. Just wanted to let you guys know that I received my books today in the mail. Thanks a bunch, I am looking forward
learning about my new project.

From Canada - "Scott, Thank you for the prompt service, received tracking notice. Thank you for the efforts put into your books, it was highly recommended. Cheers."

And follow-up when they arrived - "Woo Hoo!  Christmas in November, my books arrived today!!! Once again thank you, very impressed with the care taken in packaging,
books arrived in perfect condition. Cheers."

A discussion on the Roadster List - "Is there a general preference for which shop manual to purchase? I have a 68 2000."

"I  recommend "The Datsun Roadster Book" by Scott Sheeler. It gives More information than any other book."

"He nailed it. Sheeler's book (actually a 3 volume set) is invaluable. Clearly written from real experience. The parts drawings & numbers alone will
save you time & aggravation. Highly recommended."

"And I agree 100% with Stan & Pete. Sheeler's is the best and written in English by an English speaking person. The manuals I have are Clymers & several Nissan, but are
Japanese translated (loosely) to English."

"I would and did buy Sheeler's books."

"It will go very nicely with the 68 1600 I'm working on restoring."

"Dear Pam & Scott,  Thank You so Much for the Fast reply in Shipping, I am impressed indeed. Incredible service, the best of EBAY indeed."

"Thank You so VERY Much, I can not Wait to read them Cover to Cover.."

"Thank you, It's nice to know that there's people like the two of you still around. I've owned my roadster since 1969 after taking over the payments from my brother, his
loss my gain. Another order coming your way. Best regards."

"Best regards, and again my deepest thanks, can't wait to get started on my car…"

"Thank you for the GREAT communications and shipping updates."

"Scott,   I just wanted to let you know the books arrived the other day. Thanks again they are great."

From the Netherlands - "Scott, Thanks for the information.  Have a nice easter weekend.  With kind regards."

"Great Scott, thanks! Will give it to my girlfriend so she can give it to me for Christmas. I promise I won't look through it first!  Can't wait for Christmas this year!

"I want to let everyone know that I ordered a 66-67 manual, and it's KILLER! A fantastic reproduction, quality printing and good-quality scanning. VERY HAPPY with my
purchase. Thank you, Scott and Pam! Great post-sale follow-up and service, too! Arrived in only 2 days for me!  Buy yours and leave it on the coffee table or ottoman for all
your guests to check out! It's a great way to check out roadsters, AND it's a great way to see how Nissan Japan and their American interpreters (probably in Torrance!)
presented the roadster to their American audience – super killer!"

"We have been wanting your book for quite some time. We spend several days at Watkins Glen, NY every Sept for the Vintage Gran Prix and about 30 roadsters gather
there from NY,VA,NJ,PA MA,VT,MD,MI and several from Canada....point is your book is very popular with members of this group. We used your site info to get "our car"
back together, she was stolen and recovered ... trashed, no top or hood and sitting in the rain full of water and mold. Buying your book is a way to say thank you for the help,
but it is a very small measure of our appreciation for your work and the help it gave us.. We had a lot of friends' guidance but you can't call them at 2am when things go
wrong in the garage. "Our car" will soon be making her third trip to the Glen since her resurrection."

"For sure, you did a fantastic job with the reproduction. I hope you sell a million of 'em!"

"I received the new three  part Roadster Book late today.  It looks really good but I have little chance to look at it tonight as tomorrow morning  we are off early  to the
Datsun Roadster meet at Watkins Glen, NY. It is a six or so hour drive for us but this will be the 27th year the Roadster has been driven down so it knows the way by now.
There are still lots of Rising Sun Parts in my Datsun that are still on the road.  I have the original manual that came with my car including some warranty and service done
etc. Thanks for the books, it a great contribution to the Datsun Roadster community."

From The Netherlands - "Hi Pam and Scott, The bible arrived yesterday, now I have to drink lots of coffee and take a nice seat to enjoy your work.

From Mt Shasta 2013 - "Scott- I wanted to say 'Thank You' for the wonderful gift of the Datsun Roadster Books that I won at this year's Mt. Shasta Meet! This was the only
raffle prize I really wanted, and it was to be! Thanks again, I appreciate it and the group at Mt. Shasta appreciates the donation!"

From France "Ho my god !!!!!!!!! Thank you so much this book are my dream !!! I have a SRL311 1968. If you want I have the original FRENCH COLOR BROCHURE AND
POSTER. I can send to you for copy and after you send me back. In 1968 DATSUN FRANCE and BELGIUM try to import the SPORT 2000 but only 3 or 4 unit was import.  If
you have email will be ok. Thank you."

"Dear Pam & Scott, I  want to Thank You so very, very MUCH, I  received the books just 2 days ago and they are beyond anything that I expected. Fabulous indeed, so much
information and I am just skimming through getting more excited by the minute… I will read every word Guaranteed. But ONE big problem, I will probably get oil and grease
all over these books as I use them for the assembly of my car, so I might have to order another Clean set when I am done,,,,he he he !!!

Take care & Thank You VERY much,"Scott, Great books! I regret not pulling the trigger on these 16 months ago when I first purchased and started restoring my car.

"“009”  That’s my notebook number.  Still in mint condition.  Pretty cool, but would rather have SRL-009. J  Also found my NEKO books.  Yeah!
The new books arrived Wed.  They look great.  So much information they’re a little overwhelming to start reading."

This is an exchange on the Roadster List ---
  • "Hello friends. We are chasing oil leaks in the roadster. The drive line seal in the rear end has a small drip. Does anyone have the seal part number handy? Any
    tips/suggestions on the easiest way to pull out the seal?"
  • "Rear seal  38189-P0101. Say thanks to Scott Sheeler and his wonderful book. I am Scotch-Irish, I would just wipe up the drips."
  • "Thank you for the number and mention of Scott's book. Searching his name led me to his website http://thedatsunroadsterbook.com . That looks like a very good
  • "It is a great resource...I have two copies....one for the shop that can get dirty and one for the house that is kept clean."

"Sweet set of books. Thanks. Now I can really get working on my car."

"Thanks!  I look forward to getting it in the mail.  Meanwhile, I am enjoying the stuff available on your website...So much more that I now know I "must have"!  Cheers"

"Thanks, I look forward to reading them and learning more about the roadsters."

"Having these books and the information they contain makes owning my roadster more enjoyable."

"The most important part of my tool box.  Thanks!"

"Unbelievable amount of information!  Now I understand what's going on with my car.  Thanks!"

From Germany "klasse vielen Dank"

From Portugal "Hi Scott.  I receive the book two days ago.  Everything perfect.  Just for your records there are in Portugal just four units : 3 ,1600 and one two liters.  I have
mine since 1995 and was in UK imported from Arizona.  Perfect, but need a overall repair since original colour was Blue Sky but someone painted red.  From 1975 up to
1996 I work for Nissan in Portugal (VP Marketing and Sales).  Among others I have 320 Pick Up, 411, B110, 240Z .  A pity Renault is now main shareholder.  Best Regards"

From Australia "Hi Scott and Pam,  Thanks for your email. I’m really looking forward to reading your books.  Kind regards, XXXXX

From Australia  "Hi Scott & Pam.  The Roadster Books arrived today, they were in great shape thanks to your excellent packaging.  They are lovely books and will be a
great resource as I restore my 1968, 2000."

From Germany "Hello Pam and Scot, thank you for the nice contact. Danke!!  Everything perfect!! Thank you very much! Danke aus Bayern."

From Australia  "Hi again.  My new manuals arrived today. One for the glovebox and one as a spare. Perfect. Thank you.  I have just bought another for Matt XX as he has
been so welcoming and helpful to me. I am sure he will love it too.  Thanks and regards,"

From Australia (again) "Hi Scott and Pam, as predicted, I stayed up late into the night reading. I will be spreading the word that is for sure. I have attached two pics of my
car. Thanks again."

From Australia "Hi. Just thought I’d let you know I picked up my new books from the post office last night.  They arrived in perfect condition due to your very careful packing
– thanks !  

Again from Australia "G'day to you both. What can I say? Incredible books. Super fast delivery. Very well packaged. I love them already and have only just arrived home
with them. Have glanced through all three briefly and already I just know it is going to be a very late night with me sitting in bed reading until the wee small hours. I do not
know how you could have done it for the price. Well worth every cent and more. Obviously a labour of love. Thank you so much.  Warmest regards."

"Just received my set.  Great packaging and fast shipping. Thanks again Scott and Pam!"

"Scott, received books today. Have not been able to put them down. Interesting info. Have been a Datsun driver/owner since about 1973 when I bought a 1968 SRL. Have 5
in various states.  Planning to put a 70 SRL back on the road."

"I was your first customer for the TDRB; it was kind of you to mention that on the LIST. My first one is kind of tattered, and I now live in FL (much warmer), so it's time for a
new set. Thanks for the good work. Paul F."

"Hi Scott. Thanks for your great effort, I'll be looking forward to see it!"

"Hello Scott, you’re welcome.  And thank you for publishing the volumes.  I look forward to learning about the recently purchased roadster to better appreciate and
understand it."

"Thanks man!  I am about to rebuild my roadster and have been waiting on these books for a few months now!"

"Hi Scott, Thanks for the bonus manual. I would like a 67.5 copy if possible.  I'm sure I will be spending many hours flipping through these books once they arrive.  Thanks
for putting them together and making them available to the public."

"Thanks for the update, anxiously awaiting the delivery!  I know I'll have some interesting reading ahead of me, just need to hide in the garage where nobody can find me!!!"

"Thanks Pam.  This will arrive in time for my birthday then.  Happy Birthday to me.. :D"

"Just to let you know, the books arrived on Christmas eve as promised. They are VERY informative - I can't get my head out of the pages.  Thanks for your hard work on
bringing this information together and sharing it with this community."

From Quebec  "First, thank you for your prompt shipping.  I agree that you give 20% for this organization.  It's important, thank you for them.  I visited your website and it is
very good.  Lots of information and links.  It is very well done and easy to navigate.  It will be very useful when I will begin the restoration of my new Datsun Roadster 67.5
SRL311-00XXX Gray with original Solex Kit.  I have another 67.5 SPL311-12XXX  Red,  full restored with 2000 engine.  Your documentation and your website will be an
important asset for restoration of 67.5 Gray."

"Scott:  Got the books today.  Just a quick flip through them is very impressive.  What a great body of work, you should be proud.  Thanks a bunch (maybe I don’t need to
find the right car now, I can just build myself a new one…).  P.S. You really gotta tell me where you got the packaging tape you used on the outer box-  I think you could lash
stuff to the side of the space shuttle with it…"

"Hi Scott.  Got the books today, even better than I expected!!"

"Hi  Scott.  Wow, I've never received a personal note after ordering a book!  Again, thanks for the e-mail and I look forward to receiving the manual"

"Didn't believe it until I saw it - what a great source of information!"

From Australia - "G'day Scott.  Part 3 arrived and is excellent.  So good to know what the text was on the Fairlady 1 and 2 books from Japan.  Brilliant work on your behalf to
produce the 3 parts.  Thanks again."

From Norway - "I just received the number three (096).  I`m very satisfied with the book.  A lot of things I didn't know."

From Japan - "I came back my home yesterday a long time.  I read the Datsun Roadster Books and some (owner's) manuals.  How nice book and
manuals!!   Items had already arrived.  I'm sorry I say thanks for you too late.  Thanks again."

From New Zealand - "Thanks so much for the huge amount of effort that you have put in to assembling this information – I am sure the whole Roadster community really
appreciates it.  Later this year I am hoping to start on the restoration of my 67.5 Roadster that I imported from Arizona a few years back and I am positive I will be referring
to the books a lot.  Still unsure if I will restore it as standard, convert it to right hand drive or drop an SR20 in at this stage but look forward to the challenges involved."

"Thank you for your wonderful manuals.  I hope it's enough inspiration for me to get off my butt and finish my long neglected (23 years) restoration of my 68 2000.  Although
it was originally sold in California, I bought it in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada when I was on an exchange tour with the Canadian Air Force.  Over the years I have acquired
most all of the parts I need and have had a frame off restoration of the body done, but now it's a shell that needs to be reassembled, I'd almost forgotten how, when I got
your book.  I also sweet talked a local Nissan dealer into letting me Xerox their parts manual, but again your version is much easier to read.  Enough rambling, thanks again
for your wonderful books!"

"Dear Scott,
Thank you for the books.  They are SO GREAT.  And represent a mind-boggling amount of work and research.  You are to be congratulated on taking all this on and succeed
at it.  These are well worth the money charged.  WELL WORTH AND, it was such a good idea interspersing all those color pages thruout the books.  These really dress-up
the books in a very pleasant and interesting way.  For me those color ads and bits of history bring back such pleasant memories to when Joan and I were so involved with
her 1966 SPL311; the car that I bought her in lieu of an engagement ring.  She LOVED that little car so well, that she got a job selling Datsuns, at a time when there were
very few women car sales persons.  She sold them right up thru Nissans for the rest of her working life, until she retired in 1995.  And all because of that SPL311 Datsun
Roadster.  Joan passed on 15 years ago.

"Thanks for putting another volume together and yes I do like the white paper better.  The minute Dean had listed the book I bought it...  Thanks again for making these three
very nice reference manuals."

"And I'm here to tell ya they look great!  Road tests, racing articles, roadster ads from Japan, etc.  Want to know exactly how the optional roll bar is supposed to mount?  It's
in there on page 124 of Volume III.  And Scott's collection of analyses and service notes (which date back to the original Rising Sun Racing catalog) is still the best and most
thorough reference I've ever found on our cars.  But the part I'm thrilled with the most (so far - still checking them out) is the translation of the Fairlady Vols I and II books.  
I've owned these beautiful hardcover books for years and always wished I could actually read the text, not just look at the pictures.  Now I can!  Did you know a Datsun
2000 finished 9th overall in the 1968 Monte Carlo Rallye?

Some people may balk at the price. Maybe I'm immune to it because, as a software developer, I spend $40-50 each for books about a particular version of a language or
database system that will be made obsolete in four or five years when the next version of the software comes out.  But the information in these books will never go out of
date, and you can spend years trying to track down all this information yourself.  I know, I've been doing it since 1971 when I bought my car.  To be able to have it all put
together for you in one package is definitely worth it in my opinion.  Scott, thank you for all your work over the years."


"Scott, I got the manual. That is a great product. Good job. I'm impressed. Thank you for your passion."

"Scott, Thank you for the Owner’s manual. It looks great and answered a lot of questions.  
XXX; Thanks for the positive feedback.  It's nice to know we are helping folks.
You sure are! Have a great weekend. JT"

"Hi Pam and Scott. I got a manual yesterday. It is great.  Thank you and have a Happy New yea
Yr. Best regard."

"Hi Scott, I received the owner's manual and it looks great!  I will leave you positive feedback as soon as I can."

"Hello,  I have received the owners manual I purchased and want to say that it is very nice, above my expectations!"

"Thanks, Pam and Scott.  I still have my Rising Sun Racing book from 20+ years ago.  I've had a '66 1600 for 37 years and a '70 Solex 2 liter for 16 years.  Still haven't taken
them completely apart, but I will get to explore the steering and front suspension soon as they need work."

"Thank you. It's nice to know that there's people like the two of you still around. I've owned my roadster since 1969 after taking over the payments from my brother, his
loss my gain. Another order coming your way. Best regards."

"As described, fast shipping, high quality reprint."

"A very nice reproduction."

From Germany "vielen Dank"

From Austraila "Hello Scott and Pam.  Thanks for your prompt service – I look forward to getting the manual.  Attached is a photo of my car and a photo we had taken at
last year’s Roadster Nationals in ‘Oz. We got 50 roadsters (and a couple of Z’s) – the first time we’d had so many in one place down under. Regards.

"Great communication-super fast shipping - nice product - Thanks."

"Awesome product."

"Thanks Scott & Pam, just received the owners manual for my Datsun roadster……..It’s PERFECT! I admire your complete professionalism. Thanks again."

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the manuals.  Love them!  Thanks,"

Comparing us to an original manual on eBay - "IMHO, the first manual listed is worth the $50 if one has a nice 1970 roadster and wants a manual. Otherwise, Scott
Sheeler's reproductions are beautiful and economical. I bought Scott's products for my '66, '67-1/2 and a friend's '67."

From Australia "Excellent product, well packed and very prompt postage to AUS. Thanks!"

"A really excellent reprint. Very happy"

"Thanks, Pam outstanding reproduction very pleased to receive it today"

"Very nice reprint... Very informative and helpful with restoration."
"A very nice item. Thank you!"

From Japan - "How nice manual ! I want to do business again!"

"Hi Scott, received my 1500 Owners Manual today.  Very impressive!  I am pleased that such a good quality reprint is available for a 45 Y.O. car, at such an affordable
price.  Another step towards my total restoration to a factory spec 1965 SP310!  Regards from ... in  the land of OZ ; )"

"Thanks for pulling this together!!"

"...so that's how the damn seat belts work!"

"Great owners manual, high quality, fast shipping. Thanks!"

"Very nice reprint, Quick service. Thanks!"

"Hey your books and the owners manuals arrived.  They are all Awesome!!  Thanks so much."

"Product as advertised.  Super fast shipping.  Better than I expected."

"The next best thing to the original!  Quality repro!"

"Scott the manual was perfect."
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